McCluskey Custom Homes

Delivering excellent customer satisfaction since 1994

McCluskey Custom Homes specializes in Custom Built Homes, Timber Frame Homes and Remodels in North Alabama and Central Tennessee.

About the Builder

Scottie McCluskey came to the Huntsville area from North Florida in 1998, and has been building and remolding homes from Birmingham to Nashville since his arrival.

Scottie prides himself in the relationship he forges with his clients. Capable of establishing a firm understanding of visions and budget needs is a key factor in his ability to deliver client expectations.

Born and raised in West Central Alabama, Scottie started his career in construction building upscale developments in the Florida Panhandle in 1994.

Proven experience with Custom Homes, Timber Structures and Remolding, is a primary reason many top known architects recommend McCluskey Custom Homes to their clients.

Scottie McCluskey’s overall experience, along with is team of proven quality subcontractors, makes McCluskey Custom Homes perfect for your next project.

Contact Scottie today to start the process of a successful partnership that delivers expectations.

McCluskey Custom Homes
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